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Terri Adrienne Wolfson
Art-centric Interior Design

Style Statement and Personal Profile

I was a fortunate child growing up in a particularly creative and artistic environment in Beverly Hills and Palm Springs, in the home of my mother, an interior decorator to motion picture celebrities like Rosalind Russell, and my Godmother, Harriet Parsons. She was the daughter of Hearst Columnist, Louella Parsons, and the first female producer in Hollywood, working for Howard Hughes at RKO. Even in those days, I can remember drawing lines and creating floor plans for imaginary homes.

My mother taught me style, scale and furnishings placement at a very young age and, much later, a very talented fine artist educated me about color, composition, and appreciation of different mediums and styles in fine art.  So, early on, combining interior design with fine art became a passion of mine.

After a 3-year business venture in Hawaii, I returned to my native California. I entered the fine art business in Carmel, purchasing one of the oldest privately owned art galleries in Carmel By The Sea, now the Portnoy Gallery. I also commissioned fine art specifically for commercial and residential projects. My fine art business ultimately led me to pursue my other passion of interior design, earning Certification in the profession. Subsequently, I was hired by a well-known Monterey Peninsula designer and in 2000, after four years of intense, applied design experience, I started my own interior design business, TA Wolfson Design. In 2002, I was invited to become an associate designer at one of the Monterey Peninsula's most highly regarded and enduring design firms, Jan Gardner Interior Design. Four more years of exclusive design experience prepared me to return to my own design business in pursuit of my own distinctive style, talents and expertise.

To this day, I continue to stress the importance of fine art as a significant focal point in a well-designed room. I always work to bring art into my client’s environments, regardless of the style of the home’s interior. “The right art always works” and in your surroundings it can influence how you think and feel about yourself and the world around you, while serving as an expression and reflection of who you are.

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